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Our Stock Number: T4-477
Chevy Cars 8CYL ( 4BBL ROCHESTER )
All V-8


Carburetor rebuilt remanufactured rochester chevy chevrolet caprice camaro corvette impala, monte carlo 305 350 cid

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Your carburetor will be flow tested the day it leaves our facility.
This includes all adjustments including idle settings. So you can "Install and Drive".

Core Return: 


The picture above with a RED CIRCLE shows where to locate the carburetor number. During checkout, there will be a section to enter your number and vehicle information when ordering this remanufactured carburetor. Our staff will use this information to ensure you receive the exact carburetor. If we have any concerns, we will call and or email you before shipping the carburetor.

Numbers That Can Be Found On This Carburetor:
17081202, 17081203, 17081204, 17081207, 17081216, 17081217, 17081218, 17081219, 17081222, 17081224, 17081228, 17082202, 17082203, 17082204, 17082207, 17082216, 17082218, 17083204, 17083205, 17083206, 17083207, 17083218, 17083506, 17083508, 17083524, 17083526, 17084201, 17084205, 17084208, 17084209, 17084210, 17084507, 17084509, 17084525, 17084527, 17085202, 17085203, 17085204, 17085207, 17085218, 17086003, 17086004, 17086005, 17086006, 17086040, 17086066, 17087129, 17087130, 17087131, 17087132, 17087133, 17087306, 17088152

Each carburetor includes a UPS return shipping label. Repack your core in the box that your carburetor came in, adhere the UPS label and give to an UPS driver or UPS drop box. No paper work or long lines.



Carburetors are shipped UPS and include a return shipping label to send back your old carburetor (core) from anywhere in the continental United States. Repack your core in the box that your remanufactured carb came in, adhere the UPS label, and give to any UPS driver or UPS drop box. No paper work or long lines and the UPS return shipping label is included. We do not charge a core deposit but ask that you return your core within 3 weeks of receiving your remanufactured carburetor.

Our rebuilt carburetors have a lifetime warranty. This guarantees years of dependable operation. Our customer service is always available either online or by phone 800-250-8746. All carburetors for sale are flow bench tested and calibrated before leaving our carburetor rebuilding facility.

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